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Our Commitment To You:

  1. To take you on a journey without you having to move.
  2. To introduce you to a new experience in photographic fine art.
  3. We go to any lengths for that perfect photo to share it all with you.
  4. To use only the best in products and equipment as to give only the best presentation possible.

    Those who could benefit from our services!

    Veterans Facilities
    Convalescent Homes
    Retirement Homes
    Hospice Care Centers
    Assisted living facilities
    Rehabilitation Programs
    Senior Center’s
    Developmentally Disabled

    Community Center’s Children’s Hospitals Library’s
    Service Club’s 


    Armchair Travelers visited our facility on 21Nov12 and provided a slide show for our residents. It was a wonderful program. We found it to be highly interactive on a group and individual level, the presenter (Mike) encouraged response from the audience. The pictures were very high quality. Our residents found that the blend of humor and personal stories about each photo brought us into the trip and made us feel like the presenter was sharing their life with us. I recommend this program to other CLCs and nursing homes. It was very enjoyable and I hope you take the opportunity to bring it into your facility.

    Adam Hayes

    Recreation Therapy Assistant

    I wish to extend my personal thanks to Armchair Travelers for your delightful slide show presentation at the Community Living Center Building 90, Livermore Division, at the Palo Alto Health Care System located in Califomia.

    The residents thoroughly enjoyed the slides on wildlife and nature from all over the United States. A resident at the CLC who has had no interaction in quite some time spoke

    UP and stated he knew where a certain monument was located. The veterans are looking forward to your next presentation.

    On behalf of the health care system staff and myself, I thank you for caring about our nation's veterans.


    Program Support Assistant Voluntary Service

    _ -.D_epartment of Veterans Affairs VA Palo Alro Health Care Sy,stem

    L,roToF Program Support Assistant

    Voluntary Service

    Tel: (92s) 449_6448 Pax: (925) 449_6533 

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